• Black Streets

    Black Streets

    More at: ...

  • Floating City of Cielo

    Floating City of Cielo

    This is one of those rare projects where the builders decided to not use any texture packs. After se...

  • Savanna Tree Pack

    Savanna Tree Pack

    Some words from the builder Team Fusion Link for individual trees and objects (schematics) DOWNLOAD ...

  • Rock Island – Realistic World

    Rock Island – Realistic World

    Here is an amazing world I must try out myself also! Look at all the possibilities, and those mounta...

  • Ormir the Fearsome | Dragon

    Ormir the Fearsome | Dragon

    Some words from the builder Tober888 Hey there , I proudly present to you Ormir the Fearsome wyvern ...

Farm House and Red Barns

Minecraft Farm house red barn fields building ideas 5

The builder: sopromc222 Welcome! this is my first farm build!(yaa)Glad you took the time to stop by and check out my PMC upload thanks! This build is pretty Self-Explanatory its a orchard with a farm. I built this because i live on a farm so nothing like buildings,city things.Just THE BEST COMPLETE MC farm ever ill say! Pleace use FlowsHD texturepack! This build features Red Barns House Fields Silos Read More »

Azeroth – The Air Temple

Azeroth - The Air Temple minecraft building ideas floating

The builder: icedragon926 Hey everyone, today, i’m proud to release my new project/minibuild! I usually don’t post my builds , but I thought that I needed some more, so now i’m posting this! I’m most likely going to add some more things to this build, so keep watch!Azeroth is the floating temple in the sky, home to some gods and such…not ... Read More »

Frozen – Elsa’s Ice Castle

Frozen - Elsa's Ice Castle minecraft building ideas 2

Built by TheVoxelBox A representation of Elsa’s Ice Castle from Disney’s animated movie, Frozen. Explore the climbable mountain and the full interiors, and maybe recreate “Let It Go” ? Texture Pack: The Palceon Pack Lead Architects: Cogle WorldGuard and MCPatcher (connected textures) required! Read More »

Sky Haven

Sky Haven Minecraft building ideas floating

The builder: Captain rajkkor Sky Haven: Sky Haven is a small Elven Kingdom, the elves of Sky Haven are famous for their floating islands and trade via the Sky ships. however, recently a dragon by the name of Vermathrax have assaulted the borders of the small kingdom and the elves are trying to repel him. he pose a great threat to the kingdom ... Read More »

Mirage Luxury Modern House

Mirage luxury modern house minecraft building ideas

The builder: TheHexBox This really small yet really cool modern house I made on my singleplyaer. This house is 14×14 if you include the exterior details but the interior is only approvximately 8 or 7×7. I really hope you enjoy, a download link is available. A timelapse was filmed of this build by myself, the music in the timelapse was composed ... Read More »

Twisting Tower | Skyscraper

Twisting Tower minecraft city ideas building

The Builder: jduartemiller This is a design based heavily on the Cayan Tower in Dubai by SOM and the Evolution Tower in Moscow by Tony Kettle and RMJM, but it attempts to make a 180 degree twist (technically 165. revised this in the description. sorry). The tower itself  has a simplified facade compared to Cayan, where it is just glazing ... Read More »

Market Map Pack

Market Mappack minecraft building ideas floating city

Built by ezaka I’m proud to present you my latest work. Its a mezakas market mappack (alliterations ftw)  I created a bunch of shops, because I’ve never seen anyone focusing on these things before. So I hope a lot of you can use this in some maps or even try to built something like this yourself. This map pack contains:  the great main tend ... Read More »

Cliff Mansion

cliff mansion minecraft building ideas 3

Here is an amazing house build by Bambuspanda. There is some extreme exterior details with this build. See for yourself below in the screenshots. This would look epic as a floating island on someones world in my opinion. Read More »