City / Town

  • Medieval Bundle | Building Pack

    Medieval Bundle | Building Pack

    Some words from the builder Lemon-Fox USAGE: You CAN use this buildings on your server (Credits appr...

  • Secret Underwater Base

    Secret Underwater Base

    Here it is. The James Bond hideout! minecraft-pg5 has built an epic underwater base with a killer ex...

  • RuinCraft – Hunger Games Survival

    RuinCraft – Hunger Games Survival

    This is the RuinCraft Hunger Games Map. In RuinCraft are, as the name already says, ruins. The map i...

  • Bioshock – Rapture

    Bioshock – Rapture

    It’s just crazy what Minecraft communities can accomplish! has recreated BioSh...

  • Forgotten Legend – Last Timelapse

    Forgotten Legend – Last Timelapse

    Built by eventime ENGLISH Yes, our last timelapse. This one was inspirated by Maruku_Sama, known for...

Sky Haven

Sky Haven Minecraft building ideas floating

The builder: Captain rajkkor Sky Haven: Sky Haven is a small Elven Kingdom, the elves of Sky Haven are famous for their floating islands and trade via the Sky ships. however, recently a dragon by the name of Vermathrax have assaulted the borders of the small kingdom and the elves are trying to repel him. he pose a great threat to the kingdom ... Read More »

Market Map Pack

Market Mappack minecraft building ideas floating city

Built by ezaka I’m proud to present you my latest work. Its a mezakas market mappack (alliterations ftw)  I created a bunch of shops, because I’ve never seen anyone focusing on these things before. So I hope a lot of you can use this in some maps or even try to built something like this yourself. This map pack contains:  the great main tend ... Read More »

Terados | Castle and Village

Terados Castle Minecraft village ideas

Built by Lemon-Fox Finally it’s finished! We proudly present you our long lost project which we started about 2 years ago. Because of a mistake in the server save files, half of our work was gone and only the castle remained, so we sadly gave this project up. Until today … with our new gained knowledge we rebuild the city, ... Read More »

Winter’s Secret | Village

Winters secret village minecraft building ideas town

The team Ignitized Beneath this village lies Santa’s secret workshop, hidden from everything. A great place in which presents are made for every good human. Through his magic, Santa has raised scores of elves to help spread joy and happiness around the world. Read More »

KOR) Oriental of Cantamo

oriental of Cantamo KOR minecraft city

The builder: cantamo DATA :   KOR) Oriental of Cantamo, VERSION : 1.5.2 TEXTURE : CUSTOM E-MAIL : This is an absolute amazing build by cantamo and his build team. Took about a month. Looking at the screenshots, you sometimes have to double check its not an actual real photo! Read More »

Floating Icelands

Floating Icelands minecraft building ideas small cathedral

The builder 0neArcher Here are my Floating Icelands (punpunpun)… i really like Floating islands now… big fan. This is my floating island thing with an weird archer-like building on top of one. THis build started off as a medieval village on a group of islands, then a big garden and finally and finally after playing with snow, i  decided to turn ... Read More »

The Red City Irroth

The Red City Irroth minecraft building ideas

Some words from the builder cameron224 The Red City Irroth is a completely unique city. Built upon the edges of the Great Red Desert sands and upon the Ennrad river, the city features beautiful architecture and stunning unique shapes and styles. The people of the desert entwine themselves in fantasy architecture and the leaves of the city run shades of yellow as they ... Read More »

Coldcroth | The Province of Bone and Scale

Coldcroth The Province of Bone and Scale minecraft building ideas

Some words from the builder Team Talonzire   Hello Visitors! Thanks for clicking on our project! Its huge! Don’t worry, the map itself isn’t huge, but the amount of blocks placed is tremendous!   Anyway, here is the lore: The dominion of Fjorlingrad was discovered by a wandering colony of Nords many centuries ago.  Upon their arrival on the snowy banks ... Read More »

Mechanic City

Mechanic City minecraft building ideas

Some words from the builder 76MPaul Hi everyone, My brother being in the steampunk style, he made this city after the redesign of Théramor! He hasn’t made any interior. I hope you will enjoy the map! Read More »